PICKLEPALOOZA 2015


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While On The Road 2........ 

I was determined to maintain my diet and exercise while on the road. To that end I confiscated the home Vitamixer for my morning smoothie of organic kale, baby broccoli, baby spinich and carrots, grapes, banana, and apple, with chia seeds and orange mango juice. I packed my cooler (all hotels and friends have ice) with organic strawberries, peaches, blue and blackberries, vermont butterworks yogurt, raw honey and flax seed. I treated myself to a high end in Asheville with friends, and oh, did I mention the ribs, beans, and cole slaw in MS? Oh well, all in all pretty good.
   Getting out for a walk in each town I traveled to got me to places I wouldn't have seen and on adventures I would have missed. I highly recommend this.
   I am in VA now, have just finished two loads of dirty road clothes, and am going for a walk before supper. I truly wish you all peace and contentedness.

While On The Road...... 

Ok so here's the story. I'm driven in NC, north on 77 headin' to VA. In an explosion on my windshield, a large amount of bird do lands. Figuring the speed I was going, add into that  that the bird was flying, wind speed and direction, dissipation factor (I'm sure there's a mathimatical equation which involves logarithms for this  something like,if a=speed of car, b=rate of bird, c=height of bird d=time of emission,e=dissipation factor,y=because we love you:) and z= wind speed and direction all equals X :a direct hit!!) . However you figure it, that was one awesome shot!:)  And one more thing. Yes, it is quite boring driving alone on the road.

New Songs and now, the Delta 

Hi All; Laid down the main instrument tracks for four new songs; 'Gone',  'Harry', 'Is U' and a new song I wrote on the way down 'She Said, He Said'. Tomorrow after some morning meetings I will be off to Clarksdale, MS where I will be staying at the world famous 'Riverside Hotel'. You can check out this video of the Riverside at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DGttzP41Yw hosted by my friend ' Frank Rattliff' who sadly passed away last year. For all you who don't know about the Riverside Hotel, it began as the Thomas Hospital and is where Bessie Smith died. 'Ratt's  Mom bought it and converted it into a hotel for traveling Delta musicians. Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke, Robert Nighthawk, Ike Turner (a Clarksdale native), and many others have stayed at the Riverside at one time or another. Ike Turner, along with Jimmy Brentson wrote "Rocket 88", arguably the first Rock and Roll song in the celler of the Riverside. I will be staying in the Sam Cooke room, and will be making a pilgrimage to Money MS, the town in which Emmitt Till was murdered. The Delta is a place of spiritual reclamation for me and I will be recharging my soul to finish off my upcoming CD 'Pillars'. Please check out my Kickstarter Campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/834273223/be-an-executive-producer-on-tim-rices-new-cd-pilla and please keep track of me as I make my way through the deep South.

Tim Rice Executive Producer Kickstarter Campaign 

Hi All; Please check out my Kickstarter campaign and choose a level of support that suits you. I realize money is tight these days and your support would mean a lot to me and the collective of talented artists involved with this project. I sincerely thank you.


Coming Soon to Maine 

Hi All; I am traveling through VA and NC and can see what will be coming to your neighborhood in Maine soon: the smell of cut grass, mulch in the gardens, daffodiils, c dazzling green fields, forsythia, short sleeves, and lots of relieved smiles. The winter In New England was especially virulent this year. Hang in there my friends, spring is on its way.

On The Road 

Hi all; There is a red stripe that runs the ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the red buds ready to burst and bloom. On my way to Asheville, NC, no longjohns needed:). Who will I will I meet today, that I didn't know last night. Life on the road. Cheers!

On My Way Down South 

Hi All;
   I'm heading down south for a couple of weeks, will be making new friends, seeing old ones, doing a little recording and playing in Nashville, then going to visit with friends in MS and hit a Juke Festival In Clarksdale MS. I'll let you know what I'm seeing out here so check back and keep track of me. I love you all - Peace:)

"Pillars" Progress 

Hi all;
  I wanted to update you on the progress of  my summer release  CD "Pillars". This Friday we will be tracking sax man Tim Osman and then studio engineer Chris Lannon will mix them and I should have two new songs to share with you soon. Additionally I have been selected to perform at The 2015 Black Potatoe Music Festival July 12 (http://blackpotatoe.org/tickets/ )and WNTIStage ( on http://wntistage.org/) July 19. You can go to my performances page and check out where I'll be playing. I also will beginning a Kickstarter campaign to fund a video of "Texas" by videographer James Aaron Helms and choreographed by Debi Irons. You can check out the preview of my Kickstarter Campaign at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/834273223/1735691576?token=48839403. There are a lot of new and exciting things going on. Check it out at timricemusic.com and I hope to see you at a show soon


Winner Paul Andrew Chase Jr. 

Paul Andrew Chase Jr. was the 400th person to like my FB Band Page and received 2 free downloads. Thanks to Paul and everyone else. I really appreciate your support. My CD 'Pillars' will be out in early summer and I hope you check it out:) 
If you have read this post this far I will send you, this evening only, 2 free downloads as well. Please reply in the comment section of this blog Cheers! - Tim
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