Semi-Final World Cup Action 

Brasil vs. Germany, 4pm, ESPN sure to be exciting and noisy!  Get out to a local establishment, meet some old friends or make some new ones and enjoy this wonderful sport, Go Brasil!

Thanks to Ellen Tipper*Ed Desjardins*The Frontier 

Thanks to Ellen Tipper and Ed Desjardins for  fine performances last night at the Frontier. Ellen your new songs are beautiful and your soft and soulful voice bring them to our hearts. Ed, your songs have depth and wisdom, all performed with a master's command. Thank you both for sharing the stage with me!. To Sean Morin and the Frontier thank you for your support of local music and musicians. There are few venues that have your commitment and support for the Arts, and thank you for making us feel comfortable and welcome. To the audience (special guests Sara Hallie Richardson, Tim Gillis, Stan Davis) thank you for your kind support and words of encouragement. Cheers to all!

Live@Hive with Jud Caswell 

Want to thank Jud Caswell for a great night of trading songs. Wow! What a wonderful musician, and a nice fellow to boot. If you get a chance do yourself a favor and catch Jud Live! Thanks to Rachael and the Hive for such a warm and welcoming venue!

Coastal Journal Article by Tim Gillis 

Hi All; here's a link to Tim Gillis'  article in the June 19th addition of the The Coastal Journal about my upcoming show (with Ellen Tipper and Ed Desjardinds) on June 28th at the Frontier. Enjoy!  The Coastal Journal, Midcoast Music, Tim Gillis, pg 27

-Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, not $8 in advance and $12 at the door
-Texas was not used by The NCAA. They did review it, passed it on to CBS and it was eventually used by KTRH in Houston for their  promotion of the Final 4. It was also picked up by Clear Channel.
-My dad was born in Bath and he played on Dummer Street in Bath as a child.. 

Brasil 4 Croatia 0 :) 

Brasil scored all four goals, they just put one in their own net. I thought Croatia played well and stood proud. The World Cup, great athleticism, national pride, and controversy, Can't beat it. Tomorrow at 11AM Mexico vs Cameroon.

The World Cup Begins Today 

Brasil vs. Croatia, the World Cup begins at 4pm today. To be held in Brasil this year, it is a month long struggle of amazing athleticism entwined with national pride. My nephew got me interested at the last World Cup and I am hooked. Once I learned the basic rules and had a rudimentary understanding of offense and defense, I found the game tense and riveting. It is terribly exciting to watch an offensive surge begin, tension growing with each pass, and that one pass that finds a hidden hole and then he shoots and......!! I can't wait. USA Soccer under the steady hand of coach Jurgen Klinsmann, a former German star, is building its abilities slowly in their efforts to be competitive with the world soccer powerhouses. Ronaldo(Portugal), Messi (Argentina), da Silva Santos Jr.,(Brazil) and Iniesta(Spain) will be the names you hear and will all be vying for the Golden Boot (highest scorer) and the Golden Ball (outstanding player) as this world wide event winds its way through 30 exciting days!  Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi are two players whose style and abilities I have enjoyed. So I will be rooting for Argentina. I  like their blue jerseys as well :) I'll also be rooting for the USA to pull off some upsets and dream that maybe they can make the final 16. It will fun. Pass the chips and guacamole. Its on!!! 


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